Ready Mix Concrete Kew

Ready Mix Concrete Kew

Ashville Concrete are proudly one of the most popular suppliers of Ready Mix Concrete Kew. We have an extensive selection of different Concrete Products that are perfectly suited for a range of different projects, including highway, agricultural domestic and commercial use. 

Ashville Concrete have a fleet of state-of-the-art Volumetric Lorries that allow us to arrive at your site with the aggregates that we need to manufacture Ready Mix Concrete Kew in the precise quantity that you require. Every vehicle within our fleet is installed with advanced calibration software allowing them to perform essentially as mobile batching plants. As a result of this we are able to always maintain and provide an accurate service with very little waste product.  These vehicles also allow us to create multiple different concrete products with every delivery in the exact quantity and mix that you require.

Ready Mix Concrete Kew can be used for the following applications: Slabs, Public Highways, Footpaths, Pilling, Foundations, Shed Bases, Floor Bases, Under Water, Driveways, Footings, Waterproof and Agricultural.

Ready Mix Concrete Kew

Reliable Service!

At Ashville Concrete we have a team of professional, highly trained operators that can arrange a time best suited to you to arrive at your location. 24 hours a day, seven days a week we are on call to support our clients. We strive to ensure that we always provide each of our clients with service on the same working day however during busier periods this may become the following working day.

All of the staff members here at Ashville take pride in our fleet of vehicles and always make sure that our vehicles are thoroughly washed before every days work and maintained stringently. All of our fleet are also equipped with as standard the most up-to-date tracking equipment. This ensures we can remain in contact with all of our operators and react to any issues en route to your location.

Ashville Concrete are part of the Ashville Group and as well as this we can provide our clients with a range of different services. The other services that we offer are: Concrete Pump Hire, Ready Mix Screed, Aggregates Supply, Grab Hire, Skip Hire and Tipper Hire. An exemplification of our vehicles flexibility can be seen when one of our vehicles also can arrive at your destination with your order and remove any waste product that you have after delivery.


Ready Mix Screed Kew

Ashville Concrete provide Ready Mix Screed Kew with our fleet of modern vehicles. Our screeds are ideally suited for domestic, commercial and agricultural uses. The types of screed we offer are: Traditional Screed, Fibre Screed, Early Strength Screed, Fast Drying Screed, Eco Screed, Polymer Screed.

Concrete Pump Hire Kew

Here at Ashville, we can provide you with Concrete Pump Hire Kew alongside Ready Mix Concrete Kew. Our volumetric mixing trucks will ensure you only pay for what you need and our Pump Hire Kew Service will ensure the product reaches your desired location.

Our Products

We can add any two admixtures to you concrete when mixing, creating waterproof, sulphate resisting, self compacting, foam, high workabilty, retarded, early strength and coloured concretes. We also offer Lean, Blended and Kerb mixes and Polypropylene fibres.


FORS Gold Certified

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Cross-Rail Compliant


Ready Mix Concrete Kew

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